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The short stories gathered in this volume take us into a world of nostalgia and deep emotions. Characters with heightened sensitivity or in positions that call them into question show themselves without shame and reveal to us the universality of the human soul. We recognize ourselves in these confessions. With an elegant and clear style and many references to travel, Greek and Latin mythology, with a culture open to the world, Fabiana Elisa Martínez is a revelation in the literary world.


"Fabiana extracts universal value from everyday situations. She is aided by her great culture, her taste for travel, her resistance to paying excessive tribute to the charms of fashion, her careful prose—which knows that a great book can be a great evil—, not just a little English humor, and knowing how to appreciate the good things in the lives we live today."

From the Prologue of Conquered by Fog.


MARTÍNEZ, Fabiana Elisa. Conquered by fog. Montreal: Pierre Turcotte Editor, 2023, 108 p.

Martínez - Conquered by Fog

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